Shi Xing Mi
Walter Gjergja

Guido DeCarli
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Born in Italy but with mixed European origins, studies Kung Fu WuShu (Chinese martial arts) since age 13 and Chan (Shaolin philosophy) since age 18. Disciple of Grand Master Shi De Yang, with traditional ceremony in the Shaolin Temple has been officially nominated secular warrior monk of the 32nd Shaolin generation, monastic name Xing Mi.

He has spent many study stays in Shaolin spanning a period of over 15 years, becoming one of the very few western and leading experts and creating his unique training programm for companies, organizations and individuals.

Shi Xing Mi

Walter Gjergja

Walter Gjergja, monastic name Shi Xing Mi, is the first Shaolin Master of the 32nd generation born in the West.

Beside his long studies of Shaolin culture, begun at the age of 13 and then continued in China at the Shaolin Temple, Walter also completed university studies in the economic field.

At the peak of a very rapid career in strategic consulting and top management, where he held the position of CEO of an important publicly-traded company operating in Asia and Australia, at the age of 30 Walter courageously decided to take the vows as Shaolin Master and to give up his successful career, to dedicate himself to share his unique mix of philosophical competences and practical experiences, converting the millenary Shaolin wisdom into an applicable and accessible practice in the everydayness of modern life, personal and organizational.

Shi Xing Mi has been called by leading organisations and media a "cultural acrobat", "monk of strategy", "the master of effectiveness" and "the wellness master" and he has been the protagonist of many magazine and newspaper articles (see News | Press), numerous international events and several television documentaries (BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney XD, Italia1, CCTV).

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  • Shaoness (2017)
  • Gib Nicht Alles, Gib Das Richtige (2014)
  • Shaolin: a journey (2012)

Guido DeCarli

Business & Executive Coach

Guido DeCarli is the owner and managing director of ARU (Human Resource Architecture) in Lugano, one of the leading consulting companies in the area of Human Resources, specialized in Head Hunting, Assessment Centre and Business Coaching.

He is happily married and father of three children. At the age of 18, he was the youngest insurance agent in Switzerland in the accounting and auditing sector. The alpine military service gave him the opportunity to start a successful military career. He was appreciated by his superiors thanks to his remarkable talent for organization and leadership.

After this experience, he rediscovered the passion for personnel training: in a few years’time he got the diploma in Company Direction, Economics and Human Resource Management.

In 2006 destiny brought him to ARU, a company founded in 1991,where he became the director. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of this new role , he developed his competence, achieving the prestigious certification “International NLP Coach” in 2013 and the certification of S.F.E.R.A. Certified Coach in 2015.

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  • "Excellent seminar! The integration of Shaolin concepts has managed to achieve a very high level of openness in confronting new issues. So we were able to start a major change process with the management team, extremely successful. The whole effect was visible immediately after the seminar: the management team was extremely motivated and persistently enthusiastic."

    Dr Markus Walch, COO BMW Bank

    "It has been great to experience how much positive energy, strength and performance was liberated in everyone! I personally experienced an exceptional sustainability of motivation, discipline and joy."

    Erwin Bakker, CEO Publicis Germany

  • We collaborated with Master Walter (Shi Xing Mi) on several training events for directors and managers. Walter has conveyed his teachings very effectively, helping us make greater use of our potentials. We particularly appreciated his expertise and professionalism, above all his authority. The ability to grasp the essential elements and to transmit knowledge in a simple and enjoyable way makes participation more stimulating. His real added value is that his teachings are easily transferable in daily practice. Collaborating with him is always a pleasure and I can not recommend it enough.

    Rosy Croce - HR Director Migros

    "Our speech and then seminar has surprised and impressed me. The blend of conventional knowledge and a new view of things from the person of Shaolin Shi Xing Mi is totally unique. It has been clearly demonstrated where the strengths and weaknesses are in terms of team behaviors and the solutions which were very convincing for me. I highly recommend this type of content."

    Dr Walter Ortner, Chairman of Central Works and Chairman of Supervisory Board, Siltronic AG

  • "This seminar has strongly promoted cooperation in our team, the desired result was achieved completely. I have high confidence in your work and Shaolin opens your eyes to new, effective approaches to change and to leadership."

    Karl Martin Brahm, Executive Director DWP Bank